HTC U12 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Design, Rumors
14 Dec '17

HTC U12 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Design, Rumors

The Taiwanese company HTC seems to have had great acceptance by users after the launch of its latest device. Its high-end terminal that comes with the grip, touch and pressure detector. Every time there are more brands that present better smartphones of the high range. However, the Taiwanese firm this year and the HTC U11 has been the key to recover the level. That had before the company. We will talk about today is HTC’s next flagship the HTC U12. Its data has leaked in online. The HTC U11 has given the manufacturer the necessary hopes to take hold again. In the field of smartphones and recover lost customers. The firm managed to stand out for the peculiar design of the terminal as well as for its specifications. Today, we will tell you the characteristics of what could call HTC U12. HTC U12 would be the next top of the range of the Taiwanese brand.

HTC U12 Release Date:

The company response good but you have to see if they match what the brand decides to launch. HTC U12 will launch may be in May 2018.


HTC U12 Features:

This terminal has not followed one of the trends that stand out most this 2017. We know that the HTC U12 could arrive with a Snapdragon 845 processor. Inside of which we already know something since some of its features have filtered. This would accompany by a 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. The HTC U 12 will design in metal instead of glass, a change from the HTC U11. On the back, we find a vertical dual camera with dual LED flash. What does not appear anywhere is the fingerprint scanner. This may mean that the fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen. Something it has not yet achieved but that companies like Apple and Samsung are working very hard to achieve. HTC U12 will have the option to expand the space with a microSD card. However, it is still too early to talk about this device. It is possible that the specifications and design change before its launch.

HTC U12 camera:

HTC U12 would bring a double rear sensor. The terminal would have four cameras, which would greatly improve the quality of our photos and selfies. We can see a 16-megapixel front camera in the lower frame, the HTC logo. The upper part incorporates the headset and dual 16 MP front cameras. The screen would be 5.7 inches with Full HD resolution. It would barely have bevels, depending on the filtered render. It is also quite likely to maintain the Edge Sense technology that users liked so much.


HTC U12 Price:

The price of HTC U12 will start from about $ 850. Since for now, there is not enough information to ensure that everything we have just said is true. The company has already recovered the spirit to get better. Thus returning to be what it was. The absence of the fingerprint reader would be an indicator of the sensor inside the screen. HTC U12 would be with desirable features for the HTC 2018 high-end.

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