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Huawei Mate 11

The Huawei Mate 11 has sighted at least in terms of their possible specifications. The possible specifications have filtered through online. We have filtered in detail in terms of its specifications. The Huawei Mate 11 its squarer format than its rivals has comfortable. The construction material will be glass with a high-temperature treatment to give it the final shape. Which both in view and especially when touched, conveys an idea of ​​plastic. Its main manufacturers would be the high-end smartphone. Huawei Mate 11 suggests that both models will have screens similar to the LG G6 and Galaxy S8.


Huawei Mate 11 Release Date:

We will see a new iteration of the main smartphone that would present in next year. It seems that the rumors and leaks begin before. The possible date of presentation would be at 2018. It will present at the end of February 2018.

Huawei Mate 11 Features:

The mobile of the highest range of Huawei shows us its specifications on online. Some of these could modify when there is real data of the new Huawei Mate 11. The phablet of the Chinese firm would also come with certain changes in terms of screen size. In addition to enviable specifications, would be the following. The device will be available in several colors. As it is something, that China is clearly betting on today. It would offer a resistance to water and dust.

Huawei Mate 11

The Huawei Mate 11 will have a 6.6-inch display at 4K resolution and same screen ratio. As you can see, we will be two terminals of large screens with restrained size. Both devices will mount the Kirin 980 processor with 7 nm technology. Its storage will consist of 64,128 and 256 GB. That will accompany by 6 GB of RAM. They will have IP68 protection a 2.5 D crystal and a battery that will oscillate between 5000-6000 mAh. Its price will be quite high. Android 8.0 under EMUI 6 will be your version of the operating system.  Perhaps Huawei Mate 11 would have Dual 20 MP Rear Camera.

We know how the world of Smartphones moves. Until the last moment, there can be variations. One of the first details is that in the Huawei Mate 11 would return to place the fingerprint reader in the back. This would happen for two reasons. The first is that the front screen would have a great advantage by reducing frames. Therefore, the necessary button will disappear from the case. The second reason is that one has demanded.

That this integrated accessory goes back to where it was before the Huawei P10. Ergonomics is much better when it comes to manipulating the device. We also think that this is so, as long as its specific location does not be very high. The USB port of the Huawei Mate 11 would type C. It cannot be otherwise to ensure a data transmission and solvency in the fast recharge of the smartphone. In addition, is located at the bottom the headphone jack would maintain.

Huawei Mate 11

Huawei Mate 11 Price:

Huawei Mate 11 Expected price will start from $ 300. The actual price will know after it is a presentation. This will cause the application to have to renew a bit. We hope will use to increase its speed when using it.

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