Huawei P11 Release Date | Price | Features
8 Dec '17

Huawei P11 Release Date | Price | Features

The company’s current flagship we are able to analyze. At the time, the first rumors about its predecessor. The Huawei P11 has begun to publish on the market of several leaks. We have been able to discover the features of Huawei P11. Thanks for the provided information. The Huawei P11 will be the flagship of the brand in 2018. From here, you can know many things about the device. We already know how Huawei P11 will look like. The leaks usually present advance phone launches. It seems that they go much further. We show some manufacturers with the rumors and leaks about their upcoming releases. The characteristics of Huawei Mate 11 also would have ceased to be a secret.

Huawei P11 Release Date:

Rumors and leaks usually advance most phones before their official presentation. There are still few months ahead. Many phones to know until the date arrived. News has already revealed some details about what the new Huawei phone would be like. Now we have already seen the first rumors of the Huawei P11. This phone presentation date expected at 2018. That will arrive in the coming year. The information suggests that the Huawei P11 would present during the MWC 2018. That will take place in February.

Huawei P11

Huawei P11 Features:

Without a doubt, we would be before two real beasts. In which we surprised by the large size of their screens. We suppose, that they will add to the tendency to reduce the frames. That surrounds the panel to its minimum expression. To increase the diagonal of the screen the device is growing excessively. They have informed through online that the phone will have 5.8 inches on a curved screen. It would come with 2.5D technology. It is Corning with Gorilla Glass 5 protection. This screen would have an aspect ratio of 18: 9. Something similar to what we have seen this year in the presentation of some phones. Huawei P11 is a high-end as for example Samsung. It would have 20-megapixel dual lens camera.

The Huawei P11 would work with Android 8.0 as the operating system of output. It would have the EMUI 6 brand layer. Inside, it would work with a Kirin 980 processor with a manufacturing process of 7 nm. There would be with 6 GB of RAM and with 64 GB of storage. Although it may have, two more options could arrive with 128 GB and 256 GB. The Huawei P11 would release resistance to water and dust.

Huawei P11

Huawei P11 Price:

Now it is rumors and the release of these new phones is still so far. We will have to wait to see if this informant has guessed or not. With the first rumors about what Huawei will bring in 2018. We know Huawei P11 price that is about $ 590.

It has been a popular filtering device of Chinese origin. It would have revealed its specifications. There is still a long time for Huawei P 11 presentation. These data can help us to get an idea of what the next high-end of the Chinese company could be like. It continues to struggle to get closer and closer to Samsung and Apple.

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