Huawei P20 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Design, Rumors, News


We were waiting for the rumors and leaks for the Huawei P20. We already know this will be the name of the next high-end Huawei. Today we can know new features of this device. It will finally add to the fashion of screens without bevels. We remember that in 2017 the Huawei P10 did not have one of these screens. The new model followed its design with bevels somewhat larger than the competition. 2018 will be the year in which the P ranges from radically changes the design. According to the leaks, it will have a feature very similar to another large Smartphone. In 2017, we saw many devices with 18: 9 screen ratios. Samsung decided to extend their screens a little longer and make them slightly narrower. The trend Huawei will follow now.


Huawei P20 Release Date:

Huawei would leave us with a very compact Smartphone. It is very likely that another version Plus with a larger size. Possibly higher resolution launched. It is early to talk about this. We already know one of the key features of the Huawei P20. It expected that the mobile would present February 26.

Huawei P20 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Design, Rumors, News

Huawei P20 Features:

Apparently, the three terminals will offer triple rear cameras albeit with a different position. According to a previous report, the next Huawei triple rear camera will have a resolution of 40 megapixels and a “5x hybrid zoom. In theory, it should be a great camera. It remains to see if it can surpass other range of Smartphone. This Huawei P20 will be a little narrower and longer than the Galaxy S8. It provided when they maintain screen size something that remains to see.

We know the resolution of the panel. It remains to confirm the size of the screen. That could be about 5.7 inches. It also rumored the most exclusive will incorporate a notch in the purest iPhone X style. It will also incorporate its facial recognition system that they have already rushed to put ahead of Apple’s system, Face-ID. In the Huawei P20 Pro and P20 Plus, the camera is in a different position, rotating 90º compared to the usual model.

Huawei P20 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Design, Rumors, News

Huawei has managed the position their Smartphone as the best camera in the Smartphone market. It seems that the Huawei P20 will have designs with fingerprint scanners in the front. The triple cameras placed asymmetrically in the back horizontally in the P20. It believed that the new P20 would arrive with Kirin 970 processors. Just like the already announced Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro. The new Smartphone will have 6 GB of RAM and at least 64 GB of storage space. Ceramic Black, Twilight colors will have the version of the Huawei P20.

Huawei P20 Price:

Huawei may decide its price about $700, which we expect, based on previous devices. No doubt, we are anxious to know what the company is preparing. For the moment, we will have to wait for the presentation of the terminal to know the rest of the details. What is clear is that if Huawei makes its P20. That made like Galaxy Samsung S8, ie, a mobile without frames. However, without a screen astronomical proportions little need this phone to fall in love.


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