LG V40 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Rumors, Concept, News
6 Feb '18

LG V40 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Rumors, Concept, News

Hello Dear, Are you looking for LG V40 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Rumors, Concept, News? Coming to the new smartphone market after one of the LG brands. In the global marketplace, LG is getting a lot of popularity for everyone. LG V series would receive its next component. The LG V40 a phone inherits a lot from LG’s design. After the LG G6 appeared on the market now the company is preparing to announce the new member of the V family. We can see a render of the LG V40. It would base on the official plans filtered by an internal source of the company. We can almost ensure that, in effect, this will be the definitive design of the LG V40.

LG V40 Release Date:

It expected that the LG V40 would present this year. The LG V40 if the latest rumors come true would arrive in October 2018. Its possible presentation, the popular filtering rumors brings us the first images of the design of the new LG V40.

LG V40 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Rumors, Concept, News

LG V40 Features & Full Specification:

The fact is being the first phone with OLED screen from the LG. That allows the LG V40 to play with the shapes and move from the flat screen. The screen is also Full Vision 18: 9. The LG logo moves to the back. The screen grows a little more, reaching 6 inches. They are the same elements with the exception of the LG logo. The flash becomes independent of the fold. That surrounds the double Rear Camera 20 MP+ 13 MP. LG will include a 16 Mp selfie camera for this smartphone. The reader separates a little more from the cameras.

Inside, the user will get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor. LG V40 Smartphone accompanied by 6GB/8GB of RAM. Storage starts at 64 GB 128 GB/256 GB of internal memory. We have already detailed in advance other of its virtues. The camera consists of the F1.6 aperture clear lens. The improvements would be in the Quad DAC of this LG V40. Rumors denote that Android 8.0 may be Oreo its operating system.

The changes in connectivity have an as main role the Bluetooth 5.0. For the rest, both models share the same battery capacity of 3600 mAh with fast charge 3.0, rear fingerprint reader. IP68 water and dust resistance and wireless charging. Despite the large size of its panel, the dimensions filtered in these planes indicate that we will be facing a terminal with compact dimensions, only 15.2 centimeters high, 7.5 Cm wide and 7.4 millimeters thick.

LG V40 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Rumors, Concept, News

Its physical appearance, at least, at first sight, reminds us a lot of the current LG G6. The body is consisting of an aluminum chassis and a glass panel on the back. For its part, the front reigned by the screen about 6.3 inches with Full Vision technology. It may be without just frames, with OLED multi-touch. The smartest will have realized that, in this generation. We do not find secondary screen one of the distinguishing features of the V range of LG. The double camera on its back located just above the fingerprint reader. Traveling to the bottom of your body, we found a USB Type C port, speaker and, a minijack port for headphones.

LG V40 Price:

We hope LG V40 will present a popular Smartphone. We can assume the Smartphone price it cost about $799. We will have to wait for its presentation to match above possible features.

We hope that you have successfully understood about the LG V40. If you have any Question about the desire Smartphone, you can ask us on here. We hope you find out more about LG V40 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Rumors, Concept, and News. Thank you so much for being with us for your great precious time.

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