Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date, Price, Features, Rumors, News
2 Jan '18

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date, Price, Features, Rumors, News

This time Samsung is going to present a mobile phone with a double-sided screen. The features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 this screen design novelty is included. Rather everything points we will see a continuation line. The innovations will be in issues of operation or software more what of hardware. There is talk the iris scanner in the Galaxy S9 will improve. It will have better quality to reduce response time. That is making unblocking with the iris is realized in the blink of an eye literally.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date:

Rumors begin to take shape and become practically already news. That is with high probability of ending up. It expected for the MWC in February 2018.  A few weeks after we will meet Samsung’s new mobile. The rumors of Samsung Galaxy S9 the launch would be at 2018. The expectation grows, and the rumors and leaks of feature fill the Web.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S9 Features:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will have the same 5.8-inch screen. This information seems to come from an investor. There is also talk that it is likely that Samsung will again equip the fingerprint scanner. Samsung would not have a Snapdragon variant for its new phone. The latest rumors suggest that there will be two variants. Thus, Samsung will create an Exynos chipset of 8nm for the occasion. TSMC will be responsible for manufacturing the next flagship of Qualcomm in 7 nm. Galaxy S9 will be equipped with new technology for its AMOLED screen with the code name “Sunflower”.

The new Smartphone would work with the Android 8.0 Oreo. The terminal would have 4 GB of RAM. The storage capacity is 64 GB and 128 GB. Here includes a new octa-core processor Exynos 9 Series 9810. It is likely that in other markets. It will launch with the latest Snapdragon 845 SoC processor. The new terminal would ignore the 3.5 mm jack. It would have IP 65 certification. It could come with an iris scanner and its own Face ID.

On their photographic, segment the new camera of the Galaxy S9. It would have a 16 MP +16 MP Dual lenses Primary Camera. It also has an 8 MP Front Camera. That is so-called anti-glare technology. The first time, Samsung would expect the reflectors of the MWC 2018. It would have a vertical arrangement like that of the iPhone X. It also incorporates BBAR technology. BBAR is a kind of coating placed on the camera. This is to prevent unforeseen lights and unforeseen brightness. That can affect the quality of the images captured. With the Galaxy S9 camera this would be about to change.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors, News

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price:

The price of this device could be $720. In the Samsung Galaxy S9 could come with AKG Bluetooth headphones. That would be superior even to the Air pods assure. These could make the sale value of the mobile much higher. So surely, it will be an accessory or a luxury version. This each user will decide to buy. Will Samsung remove the headphone port? It could be that it followed the steps of Apple. Samsung would have to incorporate into a USB Type-C port. The dream of all users is to have a mobile phone. That does not have to charge daily. The dream can fulfill by incorporating features in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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