World Food Day 2019 Quotes, Theme, Activities, Poster, Slogan, Wishes, Messages, Images

World Food Day Quotes & Images

World Food Day – When is Happy World Food Day 2019 – Best Inspirational World Food Day Quotes 2019! In this Year the Peoples celebrate this Day 16th October 2019. It is the most popular Festival in Worldwide.  The Festival Celebrate in the United States. A large number of People Celebrate World Food Day 2019. ear Friend, Here, You Finding the Food Day Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings & Text SMS.

Like you World Food Day 2019 and you finding Happy Food Day Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, SMS & Text in Picture, Images & Wallpaper. Here you can get all the details and collect your necessary information.

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World Food Day 2019

How to Celebrate World Food Day

Celebrate World Food Day by participating in the events and celebrations of the day to understand various features of food security and agriculture to eradicate hunger and poverty. Also, post pictures and share your thoughts about the day on social media by using the hashtag #WorldFoodDay.

World Food Day 2019 Quotes, Theme, Activities, Messages:

Together we can fight against hunger…. Together we can provide a better tomorrow to children by feeding them… Let us come together and promise ourselves to eradicate this evil by feeding the hungry. Warm wishes to you on World Food Day.

Add a dash of spices to the lives of people around you by treating them with healthy and nutritious food so that they grow into healthier and fitter people… Let’s say NO to junk and always eat healthy. Wishing you a very Happy World Food Day.

  • On World Food Day, we must promise ourselves to never waste food… as an initiative and contribution to saving food for those who are hungry…. Let us make a big difference with our small actions…. Wishing you a warm and Happy World Food Day my dear!!!
  • It is our responsibility to strike a balance between those who are hungry and those who are treated with the best of the cuisines… Let us be more responsible, let us feed the hungry, let us share our food. Best wishes to you on World Food Day.
  • Let us make sure that there are no more people hungry, let us act, let us protect and let us feed them all…. On the occasion of World Food Day, we must wake up and work to feed all those who sleep without food…. Sending you warm wishes on World Food Day.
World Food Day Quotes & Images
World Food Day History

World Food Day Whatsapp Status 2019:

“Ask a hungry man the importance of food and then you would know how precious it is…. Happy World Food Day.”

“What comes easy to us, we often fail to appreciate it…. Don’t let that happen to food because it is the most valuable thing in life…. Warm wishes on World Food Day.”

All the hard work we do, all the money we earn is primarily because of food and therefore, value every meal you get…. Happy World Food Day.”


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